New Sugarland album features Taylor Swift duet

Monday night’s American Idol episode featured the contestants singing with celebrity partners, includingSugarland and Pat Monahan, the lead singer of the band Train.  Now it turns out that those two artists have something else in common.

About five years ago, Pat co-wrote a song with Taylor Swift called “Babe,” but it was never released.  Now, Sugarland has recorded it for their comeback album, Bigger, and Taylor herself is a featured performer on the track.

Sugarland revealed the full track listing for Bigger on Thursday; its available for pre-order on Friday.  In a statement, Jennifer Nettles says, “”Our hopefulness and our sparkiness and our joy is one of the things I think we do uniquely well, especially in the country format. We offer that in a unique way.”

Kristian Bush meanwhile, adds, “This album has a whole bunch of mystery. I’m listening to it every two days just to see what’s in it. I have entire pints of blood in that thing, but I still don’t know where it all came from, and I love that.”

As for the duo’s eight-year hiatus and where they now feel they fit in, Jennifer says, “We have always enjoyed playing in the margins and stretching the format. But it’s fun to have taken this time away and seen how the format has expanded and how music has evolved. Before, we were playing in the margins. Now, the margins have moved, and that’s fun to hear.”

“It’s not like we stopped creating with The Incredible Machine,” Kristian adds of the duo’s last studio release. “We kept going, but like a good Netflix show you skipped seasons three and four and now you’re seeing season five and you’re reminded of why you loved it.”

Sugarland will appear on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on May 2.

Here’s the track listing:

1. “Bigger”
2. “On A Roll”
3. “Let Me Remind You”
4. “Mother”
5. “Still The Same”
6. “Lean It On Back”
7. “Babe” (featuring Taylor Swift)
8. “Bird In A Cage”
9. “Love Me Like I’m Leaving”
10. “Tuesday’s Broken”
11. “Not The Only”

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