Michael Ray puts a positive spin on the “One That Got Away,” with a little help from Old Dominion

Michael Ray’s new single, “One That Got Away,” was co-written by two members of Old DominionMatthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen.

The uptempo tune puts a positive spin on a relationship that might not ultimately work out.

Michael explains, “Sometimes you get in that moment and you’re like, ‘This person might be out of my league a little bit, but for whatever reason they’re into me, so I’m just gonna roll with it.'”

“It might backfire and they might break my heart,” he adds, “but it’s gonna be one hell of a story in the end.”

The Florida native also believes “One That Got Away” is simply a great song for a warmer weather.

“One of the things that I like to do when I listen to music in the summertime is to take the roof off my Jeep and just cruise somewhere,” Michael says. “And this song just gave me that feel of one of the songs you can crank up before you head to the show. It puts you in that mood to create the rest of the night.”

“One That Got Away” is the follow-up to Michael’s top-15 hit, “Get to You,” from his sophomore album, Amos.

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