Fifteen seasons in, Blake Shelton says The Voice is the “rush” that’s kept him excited about the music business

The countdown is on to the live episodes of The Voice, as the Knockout Rounds wrap up tonight on NBC.

Blake Shelton‘s been a coach from the very beginning, and fifteen seasons in, the superstar credits the show with keeping him in touch with his roots.

“You know, I’ve been doing this for a long time, and I still love to make records and perform,” the Oklahoma native reflects. “But I’ve got to say that I get such a rush out of working with these artists that audition for The Voice and make it onto the show.”

“And to kind of relive through their journey what it was like in the beginning for me,” he adds, “and to get those first opportunities, and to get that first feedback from people out there, to know if they like you or not, and what it is about what you do that they do like.”

In fact, Blake says the singing competition has kept him from getting jaded about the music business.

“Being a coach on The Voice has really kinda revitalized my excitement for this business again, you know,” he confesses. “Because it’s easy to kind of fall into a rut, you know, and this definitely keeps me from doing that.”

You can catch The Voice tonight at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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