“Take It from Me”: Jordan Davis reveals he wanted his current hit to be his debut single

Newcomer Jordan Davis scored his first number one with his very first release, “Singles You Up.”

Ironically though, the Louisiana native pushed for another cut from his Home State album to be his debut single: his current top twenty hit, “Take It from Me.”

“‘Take It from Me’ and ‘Singles You Up’ were I feel like neck-in-neck for the first single,” Jordan recalls. “I feel like if we had gone the other way, ‘Singles You Up’ would’ve been, you know, right behind it.”

“I fought pretty hard on ‘Take It from Me,'” he admits. “That’s why we have people that we trust in our corner, and I’ve got people that I trust like crazy, and they were 100% right.”

So what was it about “Take It from Me” that made it Jordan’s first choice?

“I think that ‘Take It from Me’ is a little more me lyrically, and as far as the delivery of it,” he explains. “I think you can kinda see a few more of my influences on some of those lyrics.”

Jordan co-wrote “Take It from Me” with his brother and fellow artist, Jacob Davis.

Jordan’s currently on the After the Sunburn Tour with Kip Moore. After the first of the year, he’ll join Old Dominion‘s Make It Sweet trek.

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