Infectious melodies and happy accidents: Dustin Lynch takes you inside the making of “Good Girl”

Even before Dustin Lynch‘s latest top fifteen hit, “Good Girl,” had lyrics, he and his co-writers knew they were onto something, well, good.

“Before we had words,” he remembers, “we were jumping up and down. Like, ‘This is so infectious, this is so awesome!’ And because we wrote it like that, I guess that’s why it’s starts with the chorus, out of nowhere.”

The good karma continued as Dustin headed into the studio to record the track that begins with a distinctive riff on the dobro.

“Believe it or not, fun fact about that dobro lick,” he reveals, “it’s an accident. It was an accident that it ended up there. And it’s just one of those goofy things that happens when you’re recording. It’s like ‘Whoa!'”

“The timing is so off,” he explains, “My guitar player, now, onstage… you know, it took him awhile to figure it out…”

“So it was an accident that it happened, and it’s just one of those magical things that you keep, and you’re like, ‘Well, we can’t replicate that.'”

This week, Dustin plays Minneapolis, Minnesota; Kearney, Nebraska; and Wichita, Kansas on the Reason to Drink… Another Tour with Cole Swindell and Lauren Alaina.

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