Shania Twain’s “on a mission” to find the next country star; wants to do more acting

Shania Twain is an executive producer on USA Network’s Real Country reality competition series. The country star also serves as a co-panelist alongside Jake Owen and Travis Tritt. In a recent interview, Shania tells Billboard that she is certain the show will find the next country superstar.

“What I love about the fans judging is only they know whether they’re being reached and whether it’s resonating with them or not,” she tells Billboard. “So I do believe that it will play out that way, and I believe we’re going to find the next country music star.”

The in-depth series also tries to get to the core of what makes a star, Shania explains.

“To me, it’s all about what is real about the artist, and how well they can communicate that to the audience,” she explains, adding, “We have a lot of really talented singers and songwriters out there, but not a lot of superstars. I’m on a mission to find an original.”

She continues, “Today, sometimes I’m not even sure if I can tell the difference between one guy and another on the radio. And, there’s a lot of amazing guys on country radio, but not enough amazing girls on country radio.”

“We need to let the top artists in regardless of gender, age — I’m really bored with the discrimination, and I want more diversity,” she adds. “That is what Real Country’s all about, to represent artists who might not get the chance because of the condition of our industry right now.”

And what’s next for Shania after Real Country?  She tells Billboard, “I want to do more acting, because when you’re acting, you’re not yourself, and it’s kind of awesome to step out of yourself and be someone else just for a minute.”

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