Mitchell Tenpenny loves the “Drunk Me” DM’s

Even if Mitchell Tenpenny didn’t know that his debut single, “Drunk Me,” is a top five hit, he says he could tell by the way fans sing it back to him at concerts.

“From each tier — 40, 30 — people start singing back,” he explains. “Like forties, you start hearing maybe the chorus a little bit. The thirties, you start hearing the whole chorus being sung. Once it hits the twenties and tens, it’s like when you start playing the song, every word. It’s just cool to see that reaction.”

“You know, more DMs are coming in the inbox,” he adds, “saying ‘Hey this helped’ or ‘This song helped me over a breakup’ or whatever.”

For someone who originally aspired to a career as a songwriter, that’s worth everything.

“That’s where it starts getting special…” Mitchell tells ABC Radio, “because that’s what you want as a songwriter is to affect someone else’s life like songs did for you.”

“And for me personally,” he continues, “now as the song is in the top ten now, it’s more frequent. It’s just cool. It’s a humbling experience, getting home, opening up your phone and seeing, you know, that something you wrote in your bedroom is helping people.”

Mitchell’s full-length debut album, Telling All My Secrets, arrives December 14.

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