Toby Keith pens song for Clint Eastwood’s film, The Mule

Toby Keith‘s upcoming single, “Don’t Let the Old Man In,” was inspired by a chat he had earlier this year with Clint Eastwood. The song, out December 7, will also be featured in Clint’s upcoming film, The Mule.

Toby and Eastwood shared a golf cart when Toby attended Clint’s golf tournament in Carmel, CA, in May.  When Toby asked Clint what he was doing next, Clint replied, “Funny you should ask. I am leaving tomorrow to shoot a movie for three months called The Mule.”

After Clint told Toby the film’s storyline, the songwriter asked, “How do you do it, man?” Clint said, “I just don’t let the old man in.” With the movie in mind and the line Eastwood told him, Toby wrote “Don’t Let the Old Man In” and sent it to Clint. The actor and director loved what he heard and decided to play it under the movie’s credits.

“When he rides up on his horse/And you feel that cold bitter wind/Look out your window and smile/Don’t let the old man in,” Toby sings on the track.

The Mule is the story of an older man who becomes a drug courier. It’s the first film Eastwood will star in and direct since 2009’s Gran TorinoThe Mule hits theaters December 14.

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