Watch Tim and Faith fight in the new video for “The Rest of Our Life”

If you’ve ever wondered if Tim McGraw and Faith Hill really get along…well, they don’t, in most of the video for their new single, “The Rest of Our Life.”

In the new clip, the superstar couple seems to be acknowledging the fact that their 21-year-marriage has often been tabloid fodder.  The two are seen fighting as they’re headed to a glamorous affair in a limo, with Tim sporting a white tux and Faith dressed in a stunning purple gown.

“The Rest of Our Life” takes an even more dramatic turn when it starts to rain and Faith strikes out walking on her own, while Tim stays in the limo and leaves her behind. A drenched Faith finally makes it to a country diner, where — spoiler alert — Tim walks in and they instantly make up.

You can check out the video for “The Rest of Our Life” on YouTube now. Written by pop star Ed Sheeran, the tune is the title track for Tim and Faith’s first-ever album of duets, which comes out November 17.

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