“I Could Use a Love Song” turns out to be exactly what Hero — and Maren Morris — needed

Maren Morris is on the verge of having her very first solo #1 with “I Could Use a Love Song.”

The third single from the Texas native’s debut project didn’t come along until Hero was almost finished.

“I’d already gone through a breakup and I finished the bulk of my album,” Maren recalls. “And so I was writing with my friends here in Nashville. They were asking me, literally, ‘What else do you need on this album?’ And I said, ‘Well, you know, everything’s not about love.’ I wasn’t really going through that I guess… it’s not like a heartbreak record totally… But they’re like, ‘But you could use a love song on the record?’ And I was like, ‘Maybe.’”

That turned out to be all the inspiration they needed.

“We were like, ‘”I Could Use a Love Song”‘ is kind of a cool title,’” Maren explains. “And so, we just wrote it really quickly, because it was just one of those where you just grab it from the sky and hope that everything makes sense. Yeah, it really just came out of a conversation and an actual question.”

Last year, Maren scored her first #1 with Thomas Rhett and “Craving You.”

It’s worth noting that Maren’s romantic fortune has turned around: She’s engaged to fellow artist Ryan Hurd, with a wedding planned for later this year.

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